Astrology is a tool of opportunity. It allows us to look at life through a different lens; to find more meaning in the pain and the sadness, to create room for happiness and joy, and to remind us to pause, reflect and even feel a sense of personal gratitude about our own experiences. It is the validation that what exists within and around us is reflected in the patterns of the cosmos. In recognizing these patterns, we can better see the cycles of life; understanding the ebbs and flow of the energy that surrounds, inspires and fuels the very essence of our being.

To more obviously observe the patterns, one can consider the seasons we experience here on earth. Seasonal experiences are dependent on the Sun, rotation and tilt of the Earth, and where and how the Sun’s light hits Earth. By examining these patterns, we can predict what our weather experience on Earth will be like. We’ve come to know that places experiencing Summertime will be warmer than those experiencing Wintertime, that there are better times of the year to grow crops and reap harvests, and that some times of the year, certain places are more prone to natural disasters than others. This allows us to plan our lives accordingly, so we can be safe, so that life can run smoothly and so that we don’t get caught in a rainstorm wearing a bathing suit.

We have also come to know of our “connection” to the moon’s cycles or pattern. We see this mirrored in the tides of our oceans, its link with the number of days in a woman’s menstrual cycle, and as an influential marker of who we are as Earthlings in both time and space. Its phases (and eclipses) that light our nights and define our earthly experience exist due to the way in which the Moon, Earth and Sun are aligned. Though our modern world is now mostly lit by electricity that functions regardless of where the Sun and Moon are in their cycles, familiarity with the phases of the moon were at one time vital to the survival and evolution of men and women who depended on its guiding light.

Overtime, technology has led us away from this dependency on the Moon’s cycle and in turn, many of us have forgotten of the connectedness between the human experience and the patterns that exist in the cosmos around us. It is easy to get distracted by the lights, screens and bombardment of information coming from everywhere, blurring the lines between our natural connections to our environment and simplifying our human experience to a “swipe” or “like”.  We become busy with work, with making ends meet and with trying to plan for the future – often so much so, that we fail to be present and enjoy the moment. But it is in the stillness of being present that we become aware of and are able to re-connect to the environment, world, and cosmos that we are very much a part of.

Just as our knowledge of the seasons allows us to better prepare and live our lives, knowledge of one’s own personal seasons within allows us to better understand the deeper meaning of that which we encounter in life, as well as to understand ourselves in a more profound way. By analyzing and “reading” a natal chart, the symbolism of the cosmic patterns in the chart come to life, often reaffirming one’s experience, personality, wants, desires and motivation. Astrology gives us a window into the synchronistic world we are bathed in. It allows us to better understand the cycles both within and around us, to know when cosmic “rainstorms” might be headed our way, and how we can best prepare.

Astronauts often experience a sort of mental shift when they are out in space, referred to as “the overview effect.” From far out in space, the beauty and life of the earth below, leaves them in wonder and awe; and with a different sort of appreciation for their human and earthly experience. By taking a step back, or in their case, a rocket ship out of our atmosphere – many astronauts are able to feel a greater connection to the earth and the lives they live there.

While quite less exhilarating, there is a similar experience many have when exploring their natal chart with an astrologer for the first time, as they become aware of the connection that exists between planetary placement within the zodiac, the associated symbolism, and one’s life story. By taking a step back, both in time, to observe the planets at the moment of one’s birth, and in perspective, astrology is able to reframe, enhance and offer a different view of one’s self and life experience.

However… the usefulness of astrology expands far beyond the natal chart. For example, horoscope charts can be drawn up for any moment in time or any event, helping to explain the general environment. While Synastry charts can give insight into relationships. Astrology allows us to dig deep, to heal different layers of us and to feel a new sense of connection and empowerment about our lives.

Astrology is truly a tool of opportunity. It allows us to look at life through a different lens, to see ourselves in a new light and to feel more connected to the world and universe that we are intrinsically intertwined with.

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